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Mission Statement

A person can hide behind words and even some works. But in their art, all is made bare. It is said that one cannot live a life that is hurtful and wrong, then to make beautiful art that bears testimony of the good. It is in the bearing of one’s art that their intentions and core are made visible. I am thankful that I have the chance to share my values and core beliefs through my own musical influence and statements, and that I have a way to show what I have to say.

The purpose in creation of music is to illustrate and convey emotional content. Thus, the use of music in media and storytelling can add emotional value in a way that touches the hearts of the viewers. The aim of all existence is to change our hearts for the better, and music is the most powerful tool I have to offer that change. When I work with music, I am reminded that life is about more than just “the hustle” and making money; it’s about love.


The end goal of our mission is to educate emerging artists in the world of music, giving a framework for the rest of their lives. This realm offers avenues of expression and individuality that is crucial to young people everywhere. To be concise, the world of music is a microcosm for life. Exposure to the kind of music that touches the heart and expands the mind—along with proper instruction and explanation—will shape the futures of today’s youth.


At the core of our work is the belief that hard work is what makes creativity and inspired work really happen. This is done by honest and dedicated work, and making bold statements, all emanating from a deep love for the artform and for the listener. 


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