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Rachel Robison

Composer for Media

Episode 1: Imposter Syndrome

"There is no chart that I follow to show 'when I get to -this- point then I am not an imposter anymore'...it's never been like that at all. My career--my personal journey--is exactly that; it's a personal journey."

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About Rachel Robison

Rachel Robison 2.jpg

Rachel Robison is a composer for video games, film, and other media based in Utah. She is also a producer, audio engineer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and educator with almost two decades of experience. Her studies include media music and music recording technology at Salt Lake Community College, graduating with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Music Recording Technology in 2019. Rachel recently joined the team at Emperia Sound and Music as a producer.

Professional Work


Original Song, written, recorded, and performed by Rachel Robison.

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