RAVEN: The Emotional Weight

The films that have always caught my attention are the ones that have an emotional product to give. Outstanding fight sequences, travel montages, explosions, and bad guys are all exciting to watch, but when the story has no emotional value, we forget why the fights were so passionate, we forget what carried the characters through the deserts and into the mountains, and we are left wondering how the bad guy came to be.

That is why I have fallen in love with this film! RAVEN is a diesel punk inspired, post-apocalyptic short film loaded with fights, mystery, monsters and travel montages; but there is a load of emotional weight and value behind the flashy bits. My first task was to get to know the script and the characters on an intimate level. As I have come to know Raven (the main character) I have grown to sympathize with her and her emotional load she never asked to bear.

The film begins when Raven's parents die tragically at the hand of a mutated beast, only to kidnap her older sister, Cyra. Raven is left alone to fend for herself, track down her sister, and combat the beast that has taken her family from her. In a film that carries a wide spectrum of emotional colors, the music must compliment those colors and even suggest what takes place in the hearts of the characters on screen.

Therefore, this score will only bear an almost unnoticeable resemblance to a "Mad Max" style score of boisterous brass, dominating drums, and shredding guitars (although there is place for that in this score, don't you worry). The music will carry an emotional weight, as Raven will have to carry an emotional truckload herself.

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